Passion Comes from the Heart

A Simple Bonnet

Blogging has never been easy for me, in part, because I am too busy to sit down and simply write.  In real life, I never run short on comments or stories, but the paper forms an impassable wall.  Blank. White.  With that, my mind runs away to daydreams and far away places.

I am a high energy gal, who loves to talk, lives to create, and makes friends easily.  I love sunshine, children, fuzzy blankets, coffee, and almost everything whimsical.  By day I am a teacher [an education consultant to be exact], by evening I am a designer.   I stay up late by choice, and wake up early by necessity.  Sometimes, when resting, my mind wool gathers – dreaming of impossible things, creating designs that haven’t seen the light of day, and reminiscing about the past.  Yet, most of the time, I am rushing on from task to task, trying not to forget anything!

Yet, I’m not always high energy.  I love to curl up with good book.  I love the lazy days of summer best, but I can’t resist a cool crisp day.  The rich scents of Canadian Autumn are irresistible, with the slightly damp maple leaves, and faint waft of wood-burning smoke.  A leisurely walk down a country road makes my list any-day, and so from season to season the months turn to years. And the blog posts remain unwritten.

Except today is a new day.  I am going to begin again and share my passion with the world.   And this time, I am going to share my heart for design, putting aside the fear of rejection.  A new design here, and old one there, stay tuned for regular blog posts!  (I hope 😛 )

Ashley is the main designer at Ash Tree Meadow Designs.   She loves to see costume design from the page to the finished project.   Creating is not just about design for Ashley, as you will often find her calculating measurement using sine, cosine, and advanced functions.